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Jesus was born about 2,000 years ago  in a rural town called Bethlehem. His arrival into the world and subsequent life was far from normal or expected. While some might say it was expected, as there were prophecies about His birth, it still came as quite a surprise to His parents – a young virgin called Mary and her fiancee Joseph who was a carpenter. His life was far from normal, as He preached a message of love, grace and salvation, performed many miracles, and claimed to be the King! Although often the people did not fully understand this message that Jesus preached, it resonated with people, and many thousands of people would gather trying to hear the words that Jesus spoke.

These ludicrous claims that Jesus made that He was the King and of a coming Kingdom did not go down well with the authorities, and they had him crucified on a cross. However, the story does not end there as 3 days later Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to many hundreds of people before ascending into heaven.

The religious authorities had tried to snuff out the perceived threat that Jesus was to them… but that was just the beginning.

Jesus came into the world for one very simple reason. He came to save humanity from its sinful nature, and allow a way for us all to be reconciled to God. Yes – He also performed many miracles, spoke wise words and went fishing at times. But these things were all done to point us to the one that sent Him… God.

Jesus made some very big claims. If Jesus was a deluded guy that wandered around 2,000 years ago, then we can dismiss everything He said and forget all about it.

However, if Jesus claims are true, then we either need to accept Jesus as King of our lives and live for Him, or reject Jesus as King of our life and try to live our life as we see fit. However, if we have decided that Jesus claims are true, then we know the only way to reconcile our relationship with God is through accepting Jesus as our Lord and savior.

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